About La Collina Toscana/ Iron Chef

La Collina Toscana Inc has been dedicated to the search for the very best gourmet items for the US and European market since it was founded in New York in 2001.
The world of gourmet food is complex and exciting. To enable us to bring to you both innovative and well priced items we invest a great deal of our time observing and analysing market trends both in the US and Europe to help us select the very best products available and use our supplier partners to help us develop products which are most suited to our clients requirements.
We have an office in the South of Italy which coordinates all our buying requirements "on the spot" and which guarantees the quality control and production participation which only an on-site office can do. We believe in running our business "hands-on" with our supply partners and insist on the very best from them. Working together and building a strong relationship over time has allowed us to grow and continue year after year to bring you quality and innovation tied to traditional values and honesty.
We bring you the very best in the best way possible!!! 

NEW!!!!!! - Iron Chef Gourmet Foods